Meido Moore

Meido Moore Sensei has studied martial arts and meditation since 1986. He spent 6 years as uchideshi (personal apprentice) training under Fumio Toyoda Shihan. Moore Sensei has been instructing Aikido since 1991 and currently serves as Chief Instructor of Shinjinkai. He holds the rank of rokudan, and has been certified as an Aikido teacher (Shidoin). Moore Sensei is also an ordained Buddhist priest and has received inka shomei. He is currently active as a teacher with Daiuzenji and Korinji, two Rinzai Zen temples.

Michael Malitsky

Michael Malitsky began Aikido training in 1994 while studying at Northwestern University. He studied under John Mazza Sensei and a number of other instructors in AAA, ASU, and Birankai. Starting in 2002 he became an assistant instructor under Meido Moore Sensei and today continues to serve as the primary instructor and dojo-cho at Great Lakes Aikido as well as the Genseikan dojo in Prospect Heights. Michael holds the rank of yondan in Aikido.

Matt Lowry

Matt Lowry has studied the martial arts consistently for over 25 years, beginning his studies in karate, tae kwon do, and kung fu before turning his practice to Aikido, studying under Meido Moore Sensei and other instructors in the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and the American Aikido Association. He finds the emphasis in aikido practice on tai sabaki (basic body movement), maai (positioning), musubi (blending), and zanshin (balance/awareness) to be fundamental to the study of any martial art. He currently holds the rank of sandan in Aikido.